Loss Prevention SystemTM
An integrated process to maximize
business performance

Loss Prevention System and safety company.

Loss Prevention System model used at the LPS Center.

The Loss Prevention System™ (LPS™) is a comprehensive management system designed  to prevent or reduce losses using behavior-based tools and proven management techniques. Our clients have used LPS™ in approximately 200 countries around the world with measured, sustainable success. Whether our clients are Fortune 100 companies or smaller privately-owned businesses, they have benefited from LPS™’s integrated management system approach to address and prevent all types of losses such as: personal injuries, occupational illnesses, operational inefficiencies/reliability issues, equipment and property damage, motor vehicle accidents, regulatory assessments, and product quality incidents.

Your company may have as many as ten different programs regarding safety, reliability, environmental, product quality, and business process compliance and performance. The end result is that supervisors are overloaded and employees are overwhelmed with paperwork, regulatory compliance, EH&S audits, SOX, inspections, and customer service issues.

LPS™ ends this struggle. It is a comprehensive system that integrates multiple business processes into a manageable, common sense, system approach.