Loss Prevention SystemTM
An integrated process to maximize
business performance

Loss Prevention System and safety company.
Examples of Results
  • International downstream petroleum workforce of 25,000+: TRIR: 0.12; DAFW: 0.006
  • International downstream petroleum workforce of 50,000: TRIR 0.34; DAFW 0.06
  • Refining: TRIR, 0.34; DAFW, 0.06
  • Lubricants: TRIR, 0.22; DAFW, 0.05
  • International fuels marketing (terminals, fleet, retail stores): 28-million hours LTI free
  • Upstream petroleum: contractors 9-million hours LTI free
  • Refinery, 85,000 bbl/day: Over four years without a recordable incident
  • Refinery, 170,000 bbl/day: Over seven years without a lost-time injury
  • Refinery, 300,000+bbl/day: 380+ days without an unplanned unit shutdown
  • Mining: $9 million reduction in workers’ compensation
  • Environmental: Company of more than 2,000 employees experienced a 75% reduction in MVCs in the first two years
  • Environmental: Company experienced a 62% reduction in recordable incidents and significant reduction in legal claims