Loss Prevention SystemTM
An integrated process to maximize
business performance

Loss Prevention System and safety company.

Oftentimes, behavior-based processes are sold to clients with minimal support. The end result is the processes are not integrated into the organization’s business, thereby failing to meet expectations.  Furthermore, employees and contractors become frustrated by the number of behavior-based processes that come and go. Loss prevention services & safety programs directed at a contractor construction site.

We provide a standard, required set of consulting services to assist our clients with the implementation and sustainability of LPS™. These services are our formula for success that has proven to work around the world over the past 30+ years.

First, an initial consultation and assessment are performed with the client’s leadership team to gauge their level of commitment to the deployment and sustainability of LPS™.

Second, we train executives, managers and supervisors in visible LPS™ leadership activities, as well as in the use of the seven LPS™ tools and techniques.

Third, a client core team is selected and trained by LPS, Inc. The client core team is responsible for the LPS™ tools training of all employees and contractors, in addition to providing coaching and support immediately following launch of the system.

Last, over the course of the five-year journey, LPS, Inc. conducts planned and recurring workplace assessments and stewardship workshops to move the client toward complete integration of LPS™ into the daily business.

Loss prevention services & safety program at an oil company.