Case Studies: Preventing Serious Injuries & Fatalities (SIFs) & Other Organizational Losses



Many organizations want to eliminate SIFs (Serious Injuries & Fatalities) and other types of losses that have a significant impact on their people, operations, environment, communities, and overall financial well-being. LPS+ has helped both large and small, public and private organizations in more than 100 countries & 10+ industries significantly reduce or eliminate SIFs & other types of organizational losses. The end result is a safe, healthy work environment & increased profitability! 

Client case studies below will show some of the following achievements:

  • 72+ million hours with no LTIs
  • 80%+ reduction in environmental incidents
  • $1 BILLION savings from some clients due to the transformation in safety, process safety, reliability performance, etc. 


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Petrochemical, Oil, & Gas 

Case #1: Global Petrochemical Company

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Case #2: Global Refining, Lubricants, Pipeline & Fuels Company




Case #3: Petrochemical Company



Case #4: Chemical Plant

Manufacturing & Industrial Companies



Case #5: Multi-National Industrial Company





Case #6: North American Manufacturing Company




Case #7: Manufacturing Company



Case #8: Heavy Equipment Industrial Organization

Industrial Services



Case #9: Industrial Services Company

Pipeline, Logisitics, & Fuels Operations



Case #10: Logistics & Terminal Operations Company




Case #11: Pipeline Company

Construction & Demolition



Case #12: Demolition Company




Case #13: Commercial Construction  - $1 Billion Project

An Integrated Process to Maximize Business Performance
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