Construction & Demolition

Many aspects of your business are high risk. We help you improve your safety and organizational performance while gaining peace of mind.

C&D companies have experienced increased concerns around environmental impact of waste & heavier pressures from regulatory agencies & clients. Therefore, it’s important to have a streamlined and proven approach to improve personnel safety & loss prevention performance.

Helping you 
proactively address 
your main concerns:

Workplace Fatalities & Injuries
Property and Equipment Damage
Permitting Issues & Delays
Work Quality & Efficiency
Regulatory Performance
Contractor Oversight and Management
Environmental Waste Issues
Community Impact

Our Approach

HOP (Human & Organizational Performance) and LPS+™

Human and Organizational Performance is a risk-based approach to understand how and why people make mistakes or errors and what you can do about them, either as an organization or as an individual.
LPS+™ is consistent with HOP principles and state-of-the-art research. It’s critical that our clients have the most effective and user-friendly process to help them remain successful in the safety and loss prevention journey.

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Some Familiar Faces & Loyal Clients

"When we decided to implement LPS, we knew that it was going to be a game changer for our organization and we needed to invest the resources to help us evolve & survive in the demolition market. In a short amount of time we were able to improve not only our safety performance metrics, but also performance related our operations. LPS changed our culture where safety became everyone's responsibility and synonymous with everyday life."

– Brian W. Hornyak
   US Market Leader 
   Decommissioning & Demolition

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An Integrated Process to Maximize Business Performance
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