What is a loss?

A loss is an unplanned cost. Unplanned costs can include personnel safety, process safety, reliability, product quality, environmental & regulatory issues, inefficiencies, equipment & property damage, and other financial losses.

How does LPS+™ help organizations reduce or eliminate safety & organizational losses?

We use behavioral & human performance techniques and common management principles to eliminate or reduce all unplanned costs related to personnel safety, process safety, reliability, quality, regulatory performance, efficiencies, environmental protection, etc.

How long does it take to implement LPS+™?

Depending on organizational size and geographic dispersion, LPS+™ implementation can last anywhere from 4-9 months from initial training of a Core Team (SMEs) to workforce training.
Most of the implementation activities involve consultation between an LPS+™ Associate and the organization’s selected Core Team Members (SMEs).

How much does LPS+™ cost?

The investment in LPS+™ is nominal compared to the organization’s safety and other operational losses. Given our experience, the cost of LPS+™ is comparable to what organization’s spend on their previous safety program merchandise, etc.
LPS+™ is an investment in your people & operations. At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on someone’s life and well-being!

How is LPS+™ different?

Unlike traditional safety programs, LPS+™ has multiple tools that work together to proactively prevent all types of loss within an organization. It’s integrated into the business so it becomes the standard for HOW work is performed.
LPS+™ has been implemented around the world, so as you would imagine it’s extremely user-friendly and can be customized to any business.
We also have a well-defined implementation and leadership process that creates buy-in and ownership across all levels, as well as includes visible leadership activities to effectively oversee and manage LPS+™ so it becomes self-sustaining.

As a manager, how much time does LPS+ take to lead?

To effectively lead and manage LPS+™ takes about 2%-4% of a manager’s time. Hard to argue with anything that only takes 2%-4% time AND also transforms performance!

When do clients see results?

Clients will see results early on especially in high risk and high-potential consequence tasks. Effective LPS+™ use indicates a positive change in organizational behavior, which ultimately leads to a significant reduction in all types of loss. Depending on leadership effectiveness, this could take only months or it could take longer.

How long are LPS+™ Core Team Members (SMEs) in this role?

For a company workforce of 150+, most of the Core Team member(s) are normally in this role for 12-18 months following workforce training. Larger organizations who have hundreds of supervisors and managers will need Core Team members to remain in this role a bit longer of a period. The Core Team member(s) transitions from a trainer to a coach to help the organization effectively implement and sustain LPS+™ into the business. For smaller clients, we provide an alternative strategy related to Core Team roles.
An Integrated Process to Maximize Business Performance
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