risk management

Is it needed?

The following 4 types of losses cost an average hospital between $30-$40 million/year & have a significant affect on Employee & Patient Safety & Satisfaction

Workplace Injuries
Hospital-Associated Infections
Medication Errors
Billing & Coding Errors

Possible results you can avoid by focusing on risk management:

Workplace Safety Incidents
HAIs (Hospital-Associated Infections)
Medication Errors
Billing & Coding Issues
Customer Satisfaction Concerns
Staff Morale
Rising Insurance Costs
Patient Privacy

How can hospitals ensure 
they maintain a low variation 
of adverse incidents?

Improve your organization and safety processes

Healthcare organizations have a number of systems and programs designed to improve employee and patient safety and well-being. However, what organizations are missing is an integrated process that improves the human & organizational performance of these systems & programs. A significant percentage of losses are due to human performance issues & that’s where LPS+™ comes in!

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An Integrated Process to Maximize Business Performance
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