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Every part of your business has an effect on people, work quality, environment, and client satisfaction. We help you improve safety and organizational performance to help you gain peace of mind.

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It’s critical for your employees & contractors to have the necessary tools and skills to be their own risk assessment experts. LPS+™ accomplishes this goal by empowering and engaging your workers to proactively manage their safety and loss prevention with management oversight and coaching!



Customize LPS+™ to your business and create synergies & a common language across your organization. Whole system engagement is critical!

Our Approach

HOP (Human & Organizational Performance) and LPS+™

Human and Organizational Performance is a risk-based approach to understand how and why people make mistakes or errors and what you can do about them, either as an organization or as an individual.
LPS+™ is consistent with HOP principles and state-of-the-art research. It’s critical that our clients have the most effective and user-friendly process to help them remain successful in the safety and loss prevention journey.

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Some Familiar Faces & Loyal Clients

"LPS+™ is the premier system in the industry that is used by some of the largest, most profitable, and safest organizations in the world. When deciding which system to follow, we decided it was unnecessary to reinvent the wheel, and instead go with a system that has proven to work across the world in multiple industries and helps workers be their own risk assessment experts."

 – Total Safety Executive

"Our company started using LPS in 2007 and the use of its behavior-based loss prevention concepts has helped develop our employees –– all of them from front line workers to management, into loss prevention leaders! Our employees now look at using the LPS proactive tools to reduce risk as opposed to just meeting compliance requirements. The use of LPS as well as the newly introduced Human Performance Principles in LPS+ has generated conversations and engagement between employees and subcontractors that have had positive influences on both our leading, as well as lagging loss indicators."

-A Leading Engineering, Science, and Architecture Consulting Firm

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An Integrated Process to Maximize Business Performance
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