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A Roadmap to Sustainability

We walk with you from implementation to sustainability

What does sustainability look like?

We’ll know we did our job once managers, supervisors, and employees can proactively and effectively integrate LPS+™ activities into their day-to-day activities, so LPS+™ becomes the standard for how work is performed –– in a safe loss-free manner.

How do we know change has occurred?

As the implementation process and leadership activities are performed, you’ll physically witness a positive step-change in the organization’s risk management activities. These activities will yield results early on, especially in high-risk & high-potential consequence tasks. Ultimately, effective LPS+™ use and stewardship will produce a significant reduction in ALL types of losses and improve organizational performance.

Our Unique Approach

HOP (Human & Organizational Performance) and LPS+™

Human and Organizational Performance is a risk-based approach to understand how and why people make mistakes or errors and what you can do about them, either as an organization or as an individual.
LPS+™ is consistent with HOP principles and state-of-the-art research. It’s critical that our clients have the most effective and user-friendly process to help them remain successful in the safety and loss prevention journey.


Our Solutions



Internal SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are trained and certified by LPS+™ Inc. Associates to effectively train, coach, customize, and implement LPS+™.


LPS+™ Associates, along with LPS+™ SMEs, train Executives, Managers, and Supervisors to effectively implement and lead LPS+™.


A cross section of employees and contractors attend engagement activities to help customize and develop LPS+™ tools for the organization. The objective is to establish LPS+™  “advocates” across all departments, teams, etc. These personnel will be the grass-roots leaders in their respective work groups.


LPS+™ SMEs train employees and contractors to effectively use LPS+™ tools in their day-to-day business activities.

Information system and reporting

We offer clients the Loss Prevention Information System (LPIS) as a solution to help organizations address safety, reliability, quality, environmental and regulatory issues, etc. LPIS eliminates about 90+% of the need to manually write and streamlines the data capture and reporting process.
LPIS is a one-stop shop for ALL LPS+™ tools and activities (Observations, Risk Assessment tools, Investigations, Root Cause Analysis, Leading Indicator Reporting, and Leadership Activities). LPIS offers organizations customized dashboards for Supervisors and Managers, sophisticated leading indicator reporting, and web-based, mobile-friendly tool application.



Workplace Assessments are conducted as part of the Loss Prevention System+™ process to monitor the health of LPS+™ within the organization and provide feedback for continuous learning and improvement.


Leadership activities are customized for each client based on their needs, results of the Workplace Assessments, and overall development with direct input and feedback from you (the client).

Coaching for Continuous Improvement & full Integration

We provide clients ongoing coaching based on our collective 250+ years of LPS+™ experience to fully integrate LPS+™ into your organizational DNA! The coaching provided addresses areas of human performance improvement, improves organizational factors and conditions, as well as behaviors across all levels and institutionalizes LPS+™ into how the organization works - in a safe, loss-free manner!
An Integrated Process to Maximize Business Performance
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