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Lubricants, Fuel Distribution, & Retail Operations

Keeping People & the Environment Safe
…While Maintaining Effective Operations & a Positive Reputation

Today’s turbulent business climate has highlighted various incidents involving petrochemical companies in a negative light. Whether these were organizational or human performance causes, a heavy concentration on personnel and process safety was a result of those events.


We understand
your main concerns:

Workplace Fatalities & Injuries
Process Safety Events
Operational Reliability
Product Quality
Regulatory Performance
Contractor Oversight and Management

our priority

Improving the organization’s risk management skills.

It’s critical for your employees & contractors to have the necessary tools and skills to be their own risk assessment experts. LPS+™ accomplishes this goal by empowering and engaging your workers to proactively manage their safety and loss prevention with management oversight and coaching!



Customize LPS+™ to your business and create synergies & a common language across your organization. Whole system engagement is critical!

Some Familiar Faces & Loyal Clients

“LPS+™ was the catalyst that took us from lagging personal safety performance (in our industry) to world-class performance! LPS+™ also helped us improve in the areas of reliability, efficiency, and quality. LPS+™ brings the structure, knowledge and tools to bring the leadership and discipline to make it an integral part of the safety culture.”

– Energy Industry Executive

“Loss Prevention System+™ (LPS+™) is a comprehensive management system designed to prevent all types of losses. It strengthens our organization's ability to perform tasks in an efficient and safe way. LPS+™ focuses on improving the organization's safety culture to advance the safety performance”

– Ibrahim Al-Nitaifi
   SAMREF President & CEO

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An Integrated Process to Maximize Business Performance
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