Root Cause Analysis & More

Do you struggle to identify real root causes & develop sustainable solutions? Enhance your EHS process with a proven RCA process that identifies real Human Performance root causes & solves your most challenging issues!

Proven Process

Systematic, proven, process
Leads users to proper root causes & solutions
Identifies multiple root causes, not just one
Used effectively in 100+ countries, 10+ industries!

Identify Real 
Root Causes

Focuses on true Human Performance root causes
Addresses organizational weaknesses that negatively impact performance
Identifies & solves why tasks are not performed properly
Based on cutting-edge Human Performance learnings

Sustainable Solutions

Don’t need to be a safety professional to use it
Walks users through the process step-by-step
Provide guidance on both root causes & solutions!
Used globally by supervisors, managers, safety professionals –– practical and user-friendly!

Applies to ANY Industry!

Used for any errors, near misses, & incidents
Addresses & solves ALL types of losses & adverse events
Applicable to ANY industry
Extremely cost-effective!
Bundle with EHS Software – available digitally



What our clients are saying

LPS was the catalyst that took us from lagging personal safety performance (in our industry) to world-class performance! LPS also helped us improve in the areas of reliability, efficiency, and quality. LPS brings the structure, knowledge and tools to bring the leadership and discipline to make it an integral part of the safety culture.


Fortune 20 Executive
LPS is the premier system in the industry that is used by some of the largest, most profitable, and safest organizations in the world. When deciding which system to follow, we decided it was unnecessary to reinvent the wheel, and instead go with a system that has proven to work across the world in multiple industries and helps workers be their own risk assessment experts.


President & CEO, 4,000+ Industrial Services Company
Our company started using LPS in 2007 and it has helped develop our employees –– all of them from front line workers to management, into risk management leaders! Our employees now look at using the LPS proactive tools to reduce risk as opposed to just meeting compliance requirements.


A Leading Engineering, Science, and Architecture Consulting Firm

Additional services

Seminars & Educational Sessions

Our industry experts can facilitate a seminar or educational session on some of the following topics to help improve your safety & organizational performance:
Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) Principles & how to apply them
Impactful workplace leadership
Serious Incident & Fatality (SIF) prevention
Root cause analysis & solution development
Operationalize EHS process into daily business
Safety I and Safety II and how to apply them
Preparing organization for EHS program changes
Meaningful leading indicators to measure performance
Improving employee engagement and ownership
Other topics – fully customizable based on your needs
Let’s talk about potential topics for your organization!

safety program assessment

 Our associates have an average of 25+ years of experience in leading & advising the safest & most profitable organizations to improve their EHS and Safety Systems.
Sample of Areas for Safety Program Assessment:
Employee ownership and buy-in
Serious Incident & Fatality (SIF) prevention
Root cause analysis & solution development
LMRA & JSA/JHA process
Observation process
Incident investigation & root cause analysis process
Safety I and II approach and process
Leadership activities and engagement
EHS data capture and reporting
Additional areas can be included based on request. Let's chat!

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